Thrombosis and Stroke Prevention 3rd. Edition : The Afibber's Guide to Stroke Prevention


Do you know your risk of suffering a stroke and what you can do to prevent it? "Hans clearly explains the body's pathways to form blood clots and to dissolve them, the medications in common use to affect these processes, and the natural alternatives that can be used to help prevent stroke. His analysis will also help to prevent heart attack and blood clots in the lungs. Read this book; it may save your life!" Sadja Greenwood MD MPH, CA Thrombosis and Stroke Prevention covers the underlying causes and mechanisms of thrombosis (blood clot formation) and stroke and provides an in-depth review of conventional and alternative approaches to stroke prevention. This new edition adds a chapter on how to live with warfarin and presents new information about stroke risk factors and how to estimate your own risk. It provides an update of the latest research concerning natural and pharmaceutical antithrombotics including the pros and cons of the new oral anticoagulants. A final chapter discusses stroke prevention based on occluding (closing off) the left atrial appendage where the vast majority of clots associated with atrial fibrillation are generated. " Hans Larsen's knowledge on thrombosis and stroke prevention far exceeds that of most conventional medical specialists in this area. This simple to read, cutting edge manual on natural alternatives to stroke prevention is a must read for anyone contemplating anti-coagulation therapy or simply wanting to prevent a stroke." Michael Lam MD MPH, CA " Hans is able to explain the intricate mechanisms involved in the underlying causes of thrombosis leading to strokes, he provides us the clinical tests for each of these entities, and then offers a rational preventive means to alter this process. This book is a rich document replete with abundant references and will have a profound impact on patients attempting to understand and modify their risks for thrombosis and stroke, especially those with lone atrial fibrillation. Highly recommended, and a necessary companion to his Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Towards a Cure." Norman F. Fisher MD, CA


Mr Hans R Larsen Msc, Dr Patrick Chambers MD, Dr Martin Klughaupt MD
Paperback | 300 pages
178 x 254 x 16mm | 522g
Publication date
27 Apr 2018
International Health News
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