Kobo Gift Card Number Not Recognised

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Kobo Gift Card Number Not Recognised

If you have a physical Kobo gift card from Indigo, the PIN may not be printed. Gently scratch the back of your Kobo Gift Card to reveal your gift card PIN number.
If you have a physical Kobo gift card from Indigo, the PIN may not be printed on the gift. If the amount of the gift card does not cover your full purchase, we'll .
Kobo gift cards can only be used to purchase eBooks, single issue magazines, comics. Scratch to reveal the pin code on the Kobo gift cards and enter it online.
Verify your credit card information – You may see an error message that says: "The credit card number you've entered is invalid. Please check your number for .
I received a Kobo gift card for Christmas but when I enter the number to pay for a book, it is not recognized by Kobo. I have the receipt and activation..

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